Shaheen Air

Shaheen AirIn Pakistan there are a few airlines that are operating internationally and Shaheen air is one of those that have built their reputation over the years with quality services. It has been found that it is a private airline which has its headquarters in Karachi at Jinnah International Airport. It operates both domestically and internationally and near about all major cities of Pakistan are covered with it. For all types of passengers, both cargo and charter services are there from 1993 and onwards. It has been found that though being the private airline it is awarded as a Second National carrier of Pakistan.

Main Hub and Destinations It Covers

In Islamabad it has its main hub at the Benazir Bhutto International Hospital. Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar as well as D.G. Khan is taken as the main destination routs on daily domestic flights. On international destinations there are different known Middle East sites that are regularly taken up for flight, these include the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Muscat and a few others.

Total destinations that it operates are 22 and it has the fleet size of 24. For the people of Pakistan and counterparts, it's best serving private airline with quality services and timely features of flight. Services related to the snack bar and serving staff is always there to facilitate the passengers to best possible extents. Both English and Urdu newspapers as well as magazines are made available to make people entertained on their way to any destination.

Facilities offered

Ground handling facilities are provided by Shaheen Air in which numerous ground handling companies are involved. Dnata also gave the contract to airline to enhance the airline services even outside Pakistan.All one is required to do is to book your ticket online and payment channel can be the nearby booking office. In this case e-ticket will be given to the passenger other than standard ticket.

In Time Flights

Timely updates about the flight departure and arrivalare provided online and therefore one can get into the details to E-check in services by Shaheen Air. This facilitates one to get to know about the all respective concerned issues online whether it's related to the luggage carrying or online booking, or ever changing the reserved seating plan. Therefore all therespective cheap deals are also taken up by the relevant passengers who want to avail to a different destination on occasions as on Eid, new year , summer vacations and others.